London Collections: Men has become a staple of the menswear calendar, QH talks to the men who know it best and get their take on the start of the fashion season...


David Evans, Founder of Grey Fox Blog

Which collections are you most looking forward to at LC:M?


Those I’ve received invitations to! I love seeing as many as I can as, after three years of blogging, I have so much still to learn. I always look forward to the Richard James, Oliver Spencer and E Tautzshows. I’ll be at The Private White VC, Universal Works and Huntergather events and hopefully others if I can squeeze them in. For me among the most important are those whose collections include items of British-made menswear. I’m also looking forward to seeing Mr Porter’s own range of menswear, Kingsman.


Who are your favourite up and coming designers?


Caterina Belluardo and Dent de Man. While I wouldn’t necessarily wear their designs, I like what I see and love their adventurous approach to colour, design and pattern. While, at my age, my tastes veer towards the classic, I enjoy having myself challenged by interesting twists on established styles. These two designers achieve this in interesting ways. There are so many other interesting designers at LC:M this year and I’d love to get to know more of them. I love to hear from new labels and designers and, while I do what I can to hunt them out myself, time is always a problem for me as a hobby blogger. I welcome hearing from new labels and I find this is happening with greater frequency.


What is your favourite part of LC:M?


The Designer Showrooms at The Hospital Club and Victoria House. Here are the newer, younger and exciting new designers who are often setting out with new ideas and high levels of creativity. For many, the costs of being at LC:M can be high and their courage and adventurousness deserve recognition and support.


What trends do you anticipate for AW15?


More relaxed shapes, fewer skinny and slim fits. As ever, classic shapes and styles will underpin menswear (that’s what the male consumer expects) so, while things here change slowly, the creative energies of the UK’s menswear designers are fuelling a search for interesting fabrics with further development of traditional patterns such as checks and florals. Men will also continue to explore shape and colour in clothes and accessories.


What is the secret to good style?\


Take at least a passing interest in menswear styles, new and historic. Buy clothes that fit, be self-confident and retain that sense of enquiry that will drive your search for styles, shapes, colours and patterns that you like. Only wear what you enjoy, don’t try too hard; keep within your comfort zone; it’ll grow with you as you develop your own sense of style.



David was photographed by Jonathan Daniel Pryce, read the QH interview with him here.

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