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Model Ken Bek

interviewed by Calum Donoghue, 13 February 2015

Model Ken Bek, the 6ft2in red-headed Dane who is taking the men's fashion sphere by storm, has gone from cover star of the Red Hot 100 to hot commodity on the runways. QH catches up with the male model of the moment...

How do you stay in shape?

Eat right, work hard, love much. It's not rocket science...


Has there been a show or shoot that you particularly enjoyed doing?

In the summer of 2014 I was booked for a job shooting in Paris. I was still very new to modelling. I still remember getting the email and my booker asking me if I could go to France. I was at work very confused. I had never been to Paris before but it had been a dream for a long time. My head started spinning all confused. I thought 'airplane, airport, passport, leaving London, my work, my apartment!' This was my first time travelling for work. I went to Paris for a weekend and (it) was unbelievably beautiful, as expected. This gave my life such a boost and I thought to myself 'if I can travel with work I've got the best job a man can get!'


You were born and raised in Denmark, where would you recommend for Quel Homme readers to dine, stay and see?

Oh, I was born in the countryside, south Jutland, close to the German border. Not (near) glamorous Copenhagen or any big cities. My city is Haderslev. It is beautiful. My advice is to take a day out and rent a car to drive around the cost of Jutland. You can drive the whole way around in a day or two. It's beautiful. On top of Jutland you'll find Skagen. The very top of Denmark and when you go to the edge you'll see two oceans meet. Google it!


How would you describe your personal style? Any style tips you have learnt from modelling?

I think the most important thing is to stay natural. I grew up with red hair and always felt different and a need to prove myself and be cool. I tried to be cool, dye my hair, be quiet. I never became successful until I became myself. I guess people will describe me as a very active and energetic boy. I love people. Everyone. And I love to live. That's what I bring with me to shoots and I make sure we always just have a blast with it! It's important to have fun and smile. I always believed in a specific saying that is along the lines of "the more grumpy you are - the more grumpy people you will meet".


As a red head would you say your hair colour is now your signature mark?

I guess so! How did you guys hear about me? The big messy red hair was what started my career and what people know me for!


You get to travel with your work, where has been your favourite place to visit?

Oh, I like everywhere... Everywhere is beautiful in it's own way. If I had to choose I would say Sydney. I mean... big city, nice people, sunshine, fresh ocean air, ten minutes to the beach and people speak English? Can you ask for more?





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