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Nathan McCallum
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interviewed by Calum Donoghue, 28 March 2015


Model and fashion blogger,

Nathan McCallum

Any of our readers on Pinterest may recognise the face of the male model sat firmly at the forefront of the Australian mens blogging sphere. Nathan McCallum's pics are some of the most pinned by men on the social media platform, yes even we have. QH took a call from down under to chat Sydney style and moving on from the mo...

Mens style blogging has become huge. How did you start?


It really has become its own entity over the past 2 years, when I first started bangarangblog it was only really just beginning. I never set out to be a 'fashion blogger' though, I just posted what I liked and it grew organically from there. 


How does Australian style differ from other countries?


The majority of Australians are pretty laid back when it comes to style, wearing what is comfortable or easy. The Australian market tends to be a few steps behind the rest of the world, so staying up with the international looks can be hard to maintain. 


How often do you train? Can you give us a an overview of your typical week?


I try to train about five to seven times a week on average. The gym is a good escape for me, it is my down time. I try to do strength training about four times a week and conditioning two to three times. 


What are your favourite cheat foods?


I have a massive sweet tooth...I can't say no to's my ultimate indulgence. 


Where must QH readers eat, drink and visit whilst in Australia?


Sticking to my icecream list...I would highly recommend visiting Messina gelato in Sydney. I'm not a drinker myself so not the best person to ask. Anywhere with a view though, so perhaps the Opera Bar, overlooking the Harbor Bridge.  And as for places to visit...our amazing beaches can't be missed. 


Where has been your favourite destination to visit?


The Philippines was a pretty eye opening experience, although to be honest my favourite travel experience has been traveling around Australia. It is so rich and full of beautiful fauna and flora. There's no place like home! 


You axed the stache. How did your followers react? Was it too much of an upkeep?


The first time around, everyone was pretty positive to be honest. I tried to ensure that there was more to me than just my facial hair (laughs). I guess it was just time for change. I had it for over 2 years, so it was ready to go. 


Who are you listening to at the minute?


Currently listening to a lot of metal, so on my playlist right now is: Every Time I Die, August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, Letlive, Architects.


What is that one item of clothing that you couldn't live without?


Hmmmm. Tough one, but I would say skinny black ripped jeans. They are always my go to.


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