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Kevin McDaid

Kevin McDaid
Kevin McDaid

Kevin McDaid
Kevin McDaid


interviewed by Calum Donoghue, 21 March 2015

QH caught up with former boyband member turned model photographer, Kevin McDaid, to chat shooting celebs and getting nude for the camera...


How did you get into shooting celebs? 


My background as a singer and being part of the music industry lined me up in a an industry full of celebrities. It was a natural progression for me as an artist.


Who has been your favourite person or group to shoot? 


I actually really enjoy working with new artists as they start to work out their creative direction and want to experiment more. It can feel more collaborative that way.


You recently shot a self portrait, naked. Shot Duncan James naked. And have graced the cover of a magazine in the buff. You seem comfortable in the buff?


I've always wanted to feel comfortable nude and it seems that now I do. We were all born this way. I'm not prudish. It's not about sex it's about freedom and expression. It would seem that you're either comfortable that way or you're not. It's no big deal.


Any tips for us to make our instagram shots better? 


Find some nice light and work out what your vibe is. I know what my fans want to see and and I don't mind giving them it. It's my smile of course.


How do you stay in shape?


I eat well and exercise. I love it and couldn't see it any other way.


In London what is your favourite bar, shop and restaurant? 


I tend to spend most of my time in the Soho area and not too big on posh bars so take me to a pub and I'm happy. My favourite shop is Nike and I'm pretty obsessed with everything in there, I also fancy their mannequins (winks). I love how Duck and Waffle mix savoury and sweet in their dishes, can't go wrong with that combo. 


Where is favourite place to visit on holiday? Any destinations you can recommend to QH?


I love South East Asia. I love the vibe and peace. Bali is a pretty special place. Great food and so much to do. 


How does one look good in a photo?




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