Boneyard, Shoreditch

by Calum Donoghue, 6 December 2015

Fitting to the edgy east London ethos, this is a funky food outpost with a hearty American-style menu, with the running theme being, as the name suggests, bones. QH heads to a disused petrol station to dine at Boneyard in Shoreditch…


East London never fails to fill a belly, and after wondering some of the vintage shops in Shoreditch a friend and I fall upon the funky restaurant, Boneyard.  


The interiors echo a highway pitstop in the desserts of mid America, complete with cacti, high bar stools and wooden ceilings. The restaurant is, in fact, built within the walls of the old petrol station, with the same rules still applying since you could pump gas there – no alcohol to be drank on the premises! But fret not, the covered outside area looks out over the streetfood style market, which forms Pump, and offers a relaxed space to drink and feast.


In the centre of the eatery are large chunky wooden and metal islands, lit overhead by Hollywood mirror lightbulbs. The format is ticket style and go-up-and-order when ready. I can’t decide so ask the perky staff to make a few suggestions. They say the signature bone marrow burger, buttermilk marinated free-range fried chicken and the boneless burger are good options to go for. Sides of chunky fries, onion rings and chilli con carne crisps ensure you wont go hungry - well actually the large burgers and generous fried chicken portions will eradicate any chances of hunger.


The burgers are thick and tasty and packed with salad, hard to eat but worth the mess, with the chicken nice and crispy. To help wash the food down are a selection of sweet tropical vodka slushies.


Post dinner, my guest and I take a walk around the Pump market stands in search for dessert – somehow we were still able to eat more – and stumble upon some tasty waffles. If you can face it, I certainly recommend.


Don’t expect a fancy banquette at Boneyard, instead prepare to eat with your fingers whilst sat with an eclectic mix of customers from students and large families to young professionals. If you are hungry and find yourself in Shoreditch, this laidback pitstop has some flavourful and hearty baskets of food in a quirky and relaxed atmosphere.



168 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6HU

Opening times: 11:00am – late Monday to Sunday

Phone: 0207 033 1857

Twitter: Boneyard_LDN

Instagram: Boneyard_LDN