Booking Now app for Apple Watch

By Anthony Francis, 22 May 2015

QH takes a closer look at the new app ‘Booking Now’ for the Apple Watch…


Innovation is something we’re used to in the world of technology. Each year we hear of devices that aim to change the way we live and breathe. What consumers dislike however, is seeing our beloved ‘apps’ catching up and making the most out of what the technical world has to offer simply for the sake of it. 


For example, according to a recent survey, an app only has to crash two times before we delete it. However, with the release of the Apple Watch, now is the time for companies to show us how they can be innovative too. That's where the world’s number one accommodation site, Booking.com, is leading the way. 


Booking Now, draws from Booking.com’s vast selection of over 625,000 properties in more than 75,000 unique destinations, is the first travel app to enable you to book a stay directly from your Apple Watch.


The Booking Now app for the Apple Watch takes advantage of Apple’s new pressure sensitive ‘force touch’ motion. One simple gesture books a hotel near you. Perfect for those more spontaneous getaways or road trips where you're taking each day as it comes. Principal Designer, Stuart Frisby, explains that the app is for lots of traveller types; "from early tech adopters to the spontaneous traveller and last-minute business bookers, any user will find the app intuitive, time-saving, and easy-to-use".


“The Apple Watch is designed to sit alongside the recently launched Booking Now iPhone app, an on-demand mobile app for on-the-go travellers to effortlessly and instantly [book a stay] that fits their personal preferences.”


If you decide you need to amend something, a few simple gestures within the app will allow you to manage key aspects of your reservation. And don't worry about getting to your chosen property, Booking Now has that covered with the ability to see turn-by-turn navigation to take you straight to the doorstep. 


The fact the app even stores our room number is what we love most, perfect after a gin or two…


Booking Now for iPhone which launched in February and Booking Now for the Apple Watch, available as of April 24th.