Top 5 Travel Apps

By Anthony Francis, 18 August 2015

Whether you're struggling for somewhere special to eat or looking to stay in a hidden treasure, QH has chosen the top apps to assist you on your travels...


Onavo Extend


By directing all of your data (excluding data used via WiFi) through their own servers, Onavo is able to use compression technology to reduce the amount of data being used during your app and web usage. This means you won't overdo your data usage and be charged an increased rate. And yes, it compresses your emails too.


Free, App Store & Google Play




This flight (hotel and car hire) app allows you to quickly search hundreds of flights to find the best deal for you. Even though this comes in extremely useful when searching for the best flights out of your homeland, it also acts as a flight checking tool for those more explorative holidays when you don’t know where your next stop will be until the day before.


Free, App Store & Google Play




Visiting Italy and fancy a carbonara? Trekking in Thailand and craving Pad Thai? Better yet, ever fancied simply trying what people are shouting about wherever you are? You'd think it would be easy to find a nice restaurant to enjoy some of the local cuisine in, however, we’ve all been proven wrong. Foodspotting changes this by giving you access to a ‘visual guide to good food and where to find it’. The app allows you to browse through photos of nearby specific dishes, see what looks good and will tell you where to get it from.


Free, App Store & Google Play


Google Maps


No matter how well we think we know a city, we can all make use of a map in our pocket. Google Maps is a reputable app that no traveller should be without, and if you're worried that you may not have any signal (or about the roaming costs) it's wise to know that Google Maps allows you to store maps on your device for viewing while offline. Our advice, download the Google app and make use of all of its services.


Free, App Store & Google Play




When travelling, sometimes all we need is a place to sit back, enjoy a G&T and catch up on the latest news. Luckily for us, LoungeBuddy can help. If your ticket doesn't come with instant access to an airport lounge, use this app to direct you to your closest lounge, pre-book, and see what's in store for you whilst en route.


Free, App Store & Google Play