I Robert, Mayfair

by Calum Donoghue, 15 September 2015

QH heads to London’s Mayfair to discover a rustic tucked away restaurant offering a taste of the Mediterranean…


On a rainy late summers evening, a hunt for a cosy dinner to have a much needed catch up with a close friend leads me to I Robert, tucked away in London’s Mayfair. Serving Spanish/Italian cuisine, the menu looks more than appealing and as we walk through the restaurant the tables are full of locals.


The first order of business is of course choosing the wine. The list is too comprehensive for our own good so we take the recommendation of the sommelier. He selects an elegant Italian pinot noir. For the connosuers out there, the restaurant has partnered with a nearby cellar, so if you are particular about having your favourite, chances are the team can have it to you in ten minutes.


As we get comfortable in the homely setting and treat ourselves to the bread basket and irresistibly sweet balsamic vinegar, we make our selection for starters. A slave to my addiction for creamy burrata, I of course chose this, which, as customary, came served with sweet tomatoes and basil. My guest chose beef tartare.


As I wait for my main to arrive I take a look around the room decorated with excentirc artwork by the likes of Tsuzuki Mayumi and Séamus Connolly. The restaurant is named after one of the paintings on show by animal artist Kate Boxer.


A prawn and pasta dish, selected from the specials menu, and made with, I’m told, pasta made fresh that morning - authentic cooking at its best – arrives in front of me. Tasty, filling and a generous helping of prawns and fresh tomatoes.  My guest’s grilled Iberico presa pork steak is medium cooked as recommended by executive chef Michele Granziera, and is served with roasted aubergines & peppers. We ordered a side of creamy cheesy potatoes, which weren’t much to look at but were deliciously morish and a must for the table.


I Robert is the latest addition to the portfolio of London restaurants owned by legendary restaurateur Arkady Novikov (read our review of the Italian arm of Novikov Restaurant in Mayfair here).


To finish my guest and I share a tangy lemon tart with meringue and caramel sauce. A perfect end to a lovely meal.


This cosy, stylish and exceptionally affordable eatery offers a real respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.


54 Curzon Street


Greater London