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The Old Tom Revival

A beloved tipple of London, gin has become the drink of choice but it is an old favourite that is stealing the spotlight in the capital. 

The Old Tom gin recipe was popular in the 18th century and was considered a bar basic for the ever growing popularity of cocktails. It’s history is a recipe of stories, from a tom cat fell into a cask of gin to an old distiller named Thomas, none of which anyone is certain.


Tanqueray has released a limited edition of it’s own old tom created using an archive recipe taken from Charles Tanqueray’s original recipe book. Hayman's Old Tom Gin also stays true to the historic recipe packed full of botanicals, with a hint of sweetness, distilled to a family recipe from the 1870s. But Leading the revival is manager and expert mixologist Giuliano Morandin of The Bar at The Dorchester.


By working with The City of London Distillery to create an exclusive batch for The Dorchester, Giuliano has revived the gin in homage to an original recipe

using a selection of botanicals including juniper, coriander, angelica root, cardamom and fresh lemon.


Commenting on the gin Giuliano said “The Dorchester Old Tom gin reflects the style and history of the hotel whilst encompassing a modern fusion of flavours.” Giuliano and his team also offer private and bespoke cocktail master classes showcasing the techniques and flavours used to complement The Dorchester Old Tom gin within a selection of cocktails.